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Turbo Wobbly Foam Fun Cat Toy

Turbo Wobbly Foam Fun Cat Toy

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  • Unique foam texture is perfect for cats to sink their claws into.
  • Variety of shapes and textures to entice cats to play.
  • Encourages active play and exercise.
  • Increases mental stimulation.
  • Select styles feature rattling balls for added stimulation.

Ignite your cat's playful spirit with the captivating Turbo by Coastal Foam Fun Cat Toys, specially crafted to inspire hours of interactive entertainment. Designed to stimulate your feline friend's senses, these toys boast an engaging blend of textures and a distinctive sponge design that beckons cats to indulge in spirited playtime. The foam texture of the toys is irresistibly inviting, inviting your cat to engage their claws in satisfying play. Featuring charming and vibrant designs such as bug-eyed dragonflies and rattling balls, these toys are tailored to encourage active play and foster essential mental stimulation in your cat. As they pounce, swat, and bat at these toys, they're not just having fun – they're also honing their natural instincts and mental agility. Discover the joy of choosing your preferred foam cat toy from the range, each promising a unique playtime experience that sparks your cat's curiosity and keeps them engaged.


Colorful, engaging shapes.


Provides mental stimulation and exercise.