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Our Story - Celebrating 30 years (est. 1994)

Critters Pet Health Store is a trusted Saskatoon family business that has been researching pet foods to improve the lives of pets since 1994. The original Friesen family store was founded in 1981, Wunderbar Tack Shop, which supplied the city with horse feed and supplies. After realizing the food they were feeding their dogs and cats did not meat their standards they began their search for a healthier diet. The result being nothing was available in Saskatoon; Critters Pet Health Store was born.

The Friesen family has deep roots in their passion for animals, from breeding German Shepherds to serve as partners for RCMP Officers in the 1990s to now solely concentrating on breeding and showing Arabian horses. Although the Friesen family no longer breeds German Shepherds for the RCMP, the legacy of their accomplishments as breeders is still present in the form of a statue in Hope, British Columbia. The statue was constructed in 1996 to pay tribute to the canine RCMP officer 'Chip', who was bred by the Friesen family, for saving an officers life. Since then the Friesen family has shifted their passion for dogs and cats to concentrate on providing advice on nutrition, chews, treats, supplements and more through Critters.

Everyday Critters is motivated by feedback from customers on how their recommendation improved their pet's life. The results fellow pet lovers witness first hand in their pet is the very reason Critters has been fortunate enough to grow into multiple locations across Saskatoon that specialize only in dogs and cats. Critters Pet Health Store and their knowledgeable staff is proud to recommend some of the healthiest pet foods in the world.


Our annual Pet Food Drive has raised over 67,120lbs for local pet rescues to date. We are proud to give back to the community, for every pound donated in store we match the donation!