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Turbo Big Ears Mouse Random Fun Cat Toy

Turbo Big Ears Mouse Random Fun Cat Toy

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  • Long-lasting North American catnip gives an added boost to playtime.
  • Variety of shapes and textures to entice cats to play.
  • Encourages active play and exercise.
  • Increases mental stimulation.
  • Select styles feature balls, jingle bells and feathers.

Infuse playtime with a delightful dose of thrill using the Turbo by Coastal Random Fun Cat Toys! Infused with potent North American catnip, these toys are designed to invigorate your feline friend and spark mental engagement. A myriad of textures and whimsical shapes, from feathery fish to felt jungle mice, guarantees an entertaining experience. Certain styles are enhanced with the addition of balls, jingle bells, and feathers, elevating the fun to new heights. With an array of shapes to select from, you can curate a personalized playtime adventure tailored to your cat's preferences. The Turbo by Coastal Random Fun Cat Toys encapsulate the essence of amusement, mental stimulation, and variety.




Provides mental stimulation and exercise.