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Supplement Glucosamine HCL 100g

Supplement Glucosamine HCL Pharmacy Grade - Joint & Hip Supplement

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Improve your pet's mobility and comfort for under 0.05/day! ($1.50 per month based on a 20kg dog - 200 scoops per 100g in the 1kg size)

Introducing our Pharmacy grade Glucosamine HCL supplement to help put the jump back in your pet's step, a high-quality nutritional supplement designed to support your joint health, mobility and help pets with arthritis. . This powerful formula contains 99% pure and potent glucosamine hydrochloride (HCL) with no fillers, a key ingredient clinically proven for its potential to promote joint comfort and flexibility.

Don't be fooled by food, treats or supplements that are diluted with other fillers - use a concentrated source directly from a pharmacy. Each container of Glucosamine HCL is meticulously crafted to provide the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. This supplement is specifically formulated to help support joint function and mobility in pets and cats, particularly those experiencing joint stiffness, discomfort, or age-related mobility issues.

Guaranteed Analysis Per One Serving (1/2 scoop):
500mg Glucosamine HCL - used to alleviate pain and stiffness by suppressing inflammation in the arthritic joint, inhibiting cartilage degradation, and boosting the repair of damaged cartilage.

Directions: One scoop per 20kg everyday (Simply use tiny scoop included to add powder on top of your pet's food once a day)

***Use supplement for 4-6 weeks before evaluating results so it can achieve desired results.

We source this powder directly from a Canadian pharmacy to offer you the best value possible on a premium therapeutic supplement. It offers superior value compared to brands like Tri Acta, Consequin, Biologic Bio Joint and any other Hip & Joint supplements.