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Rollover Chicken & Cranberry Super Premium Dog Food
Rollover Chicken & Cranberry Super Premium Dog Food

Rollover Chicken & Cranberry Super Premium Dog Food

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Rollover’s newest Super Premium foods are made with added functional ingredients. They are nutritionally balanced, all natural foods in a semi-soft (sliceable) format. Our dog foods are formulated to be a complete food for your dog (see Feeding section) however they are also great as a supplement to your dog’s current food or a topper to entice eating. If you need to give medications to your dog, just wrap it in a bit of Rollover food and your dog will never know! They love the taste SO much, you can even use our foods as treats.

All of these foods have real meat, sourced from human-grade facilities, as the first ingredient. The meat is blended with Canadian-grown grains and oats to produce a delicious and nutritious food. Rollover’s unique cooking process seals in the natural juices and flavours of the meats, making our foods irresistible to dogs.


Chicken Dog Food with Cranberries is Canadian white and dark Chicken muscle meat combined with cranberries, a superfood, high in nutrients and antioxidants. Cranberries can help to improve bladder health and immune function.

Rollover is proud to have always made our dog foods in our own High River, Alberta plant. We never out-source the production of our dog food or unique treats.


Mechanically de-boned chicken (white and dark meat), whole wheat flour, sugar, oat flakes, trace minerals (calcium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese), cranberries, salt, roasted poultry seasoning, choline, rosemary, green tea, vitamin supplements (A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, C), folic acid, biotin


Crude Protein 12%

Crude Fat 4%

Crude Fibre 3%

Moisture 45%