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ReadyMate Barley Cat Litter

ReadyMate Barley Cat Litter

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All Natural – ReadyMate is made from waxy hull-less barley which was developed to yield an extremely high starch level. It’s the starch that improves ReadyMate’s ability to absorb large amounts of moisture and produce firm clumps. Clay cat litters rely on chemical additives such as sodium bentonite to create the clumping effect which can harm your cat as they ingest the clay powder when grooming.

Biodegradable – ReadyMate quickly biodegrades when exposed to the elements. Clay litter is completely non-biodegradable and millions of pounds of it go into land fills around the globe every year.

Compostable – Fully scooped ReadyMate can be used in flower beds and ornamental gardens.

Renewable – Barley is a common crop grown annually in Western Canada, as opposed to traditional clay cat litter which is strip mined and non-renewable.

Safe for Cats – ReadyMate is non-toxic and is easily digested by cats and other house pets who may stick their nose in the litter box. Clay litter has been known to make cats very sick due to the content of silica and sodium bentonite.

Locally Produced – ReadyMate supports Canadian farmers and rural economies.