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JW Cat Feather Ball & Bell Cat Toy

JW Cat Feather Ball & Bell Cat Toy

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The JW® Cataction® Feather Ball with Bell Cat Toy is sure to be a favorite new addition to your cat's stash of toys. This multi-textured cat toy features a durable, non toxic rubber outer shell that wraps around a large, sturdy bell with a feathery tail sticking out the bottom of the ball that will grab and hold your cat's attention. The feathery tail and large bell will keep your cat entertained for hours while the rubber outer shell is gentle on your cat's mouth. For even more fun, soak in catnip before playtime! Great for cats who play fetch, the Feather Ball with Bell rolls across floors and bounces off hard surfaces and is perfectly sized for cats to pick up and carry off to hide. JW Cataction Cat Toys keeps cat moving while promoting healthy exercise cleverly disguised as fun.


Great for solo or interactive play

Bell and feathers keeps cats engaged and entertained

Made from natural durable rubber that is gentle on your cats mouth

For added fun, soak in catnip before use