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Element 5 Motion Renewal Joint Supplement

Element 5 Motion Renewal Joint Supplement

Element 5
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Element 5 Motion Renewal is natural, safe and highly effective as a preventative and treatment for arthritis, joint injuries and overall wellbeing for your pet. Made with Green Lipped Mussel, Element 5 Motion Renewal has become recognized as one of the most effective natural anti inflammatory supplements on the market. Element 5 Motion Renewal supplies a natural blend of proteins, minerals, glycosaminoglycans and essential Omega 3 fatty acids . The unique Motion Renewal substances help joint mobility, cartilage maintenance, and maintaining good health.

All Green Lipped Mussel Powders are not created equal:
- Element 5 is a human grade freeze dried powder which has the full lipid profile, around 9% which is approximately triple the amount of most lower priced green lipped mussel products on the market.
- Many of the inferior lower priced "Defatted" products have had the oil (lipid fraction) removed to produce the mussel oil products in the human supplement market which results in 3% or less total lipids. The lipid fraction is one the components believed to be responsible for the health benefits. Without the lipid fraction present, the mussel powder is basically a protein source with little or no particular health benefit in relation to joints. 

Element 5 Motion Renewal Info, scoop included:
1.00cc (full scoop) = 600mg (0.6g)
0.50cc (half scoop) = 300mg (0.3g)

Effective Daily Dose for Canines:
25-30mg per KG
(upto 75mg per day with smaller dogs or serious joint problems such as arthritis)
*Note: 320g size = 4x80g jars