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Carnivora Beef Tripe Raw Dog Food

Carnivora Beef Tripe Raw Dog Food

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Beef tripe is great for aiding digestion for both dogs and cats. Green tripe is loaded with Lactobacillus Acidophilus.


Finely ground beef green tripe from grass-fed beef.


Moisture 76.47%

Protein 7.69%

Sodium 0.17%

Phosphorus 0.18%

Potassium 0.14%

Calcium 0.30%

Magnesium 0.03%

Copper 3.01 ppm

Iron 64.14 ppm

Maganese 22.81 ppm

Zinc 25.26 ppm

Sulfur 0.08%

Ash 1.92%

Fat 7.33%

Fiber 0.86%