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Carnivora Beef Offal Raw Dog Food

Carnivora Beef Offal Raw Dog Food

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Carnivora Beef Offal for dogs is a nutrient dense food with good amounts of all vitamins, as well as minerals such as copper, zinc, and essential fats. Raw food for dogs and cats made in Canada.


Finely ground liver, heart, kidneys, tongue, spleen, lungs.


Moisture 69.6%

Protein 16.2%

Sodium 0.11%

Phosphorus 0.19%

Potassium 0.21%

Calcium 0.01%

Magnesium 0.01%

Copper 7 ppm

Iron 79 ppm

Maganese 1 ppm

Zinc 22 ppm

Sulfur 0.145%

Ash 1.2%

Fat 11.1%

Fiber 0.4%