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Collection: Brand WOOF Pet Leash's, Collar's and Harness's

Founded in 2016, Woof Concept started inside a small 150 square foot garage in Vancouver, British Columbia. The original idea to build this lifestyle pet product company was inspired by a rescue French Bulldog named Pedro. As dog owners, you want what’s best for your dogs and to Woof Concept's surprise, nothing in the market lived up to their expectation. It was the total lack of quality-built products combined with the boring designs in the market that drove Woof Concept to build their first collar prototype. The same reason fueled their curiosity to create a line of unique product designs that would accentuate both style and comfort by combining premium material with quality craftsmanship.

Today, Woof Concept has outgrown the 150 square foot garage with customers from every continent and a growing retail distribution network across Canada, United States, Chile, Singapore, South Korea and Australia. Their principle to maintain the highest production standards and ethical approach to sourcing the most premium graded material in the market is what sets them apart from their competitors.

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