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City of Saskatoon Dog Parks & Pet Licenses

Although we ship natural pet food and products across Canada, we are a home grown Saskatoon Family Business founded here in 1994. This article is a resource for pet owners in the City of Saskatoon regarding Dog Parks and where to purchase a Pet License online.

1) City of Saskatoon Dog Parks

In Saskatoon we are fortunate to have 11 public dog parks where pet licenses are required to visit them. The complete list and directions to each dog park are clickable below the map.

Click Dog Park Directions below for a link to Google Maps:

1) AVALON Dog Park - At the end of Broadway Avenue, south of Glasgow Street.
2) CASWELL Dog Park - Avenue F North or Avenue G North and 31st Street West.
3) CHIEF WHITECAP Dog Park - Accessed via Saskatchewan Crescent off of Cartwright Street.
4) FRED MENDEL Dog Park - Avenue W South and 17th Street West.
5) HAMPTON VILLAGE Dog Park - North of 33rd Street, along Junor Avenue, around Hampton Circle, north on Dawson Way, follow grid. Dog Park next to airport.
6) HYDE Dog Park - Enter North Gate from Slimmon Road. Alternate South Gate (foot traffic only).
7) PAUL MOSTOWAY Dog Park - Richardson Road, east of McClocklin Road.
8) PIERRE RADISSON Dog Park - Between 33rd Street and 32nd Street at Faulkner Crescent.
9) SILVERWOOD Dog Park - Access off Kinnear Avenue or the east end of Adilman Drive.
10) SOUTHWEST Dog Park - North of Cedar Villa Road off Valley Road.
11) SUTHERLAND BEACH Dog Park - Accessed via grid road with entry off of Central Avenue, 50 m north of Attridge Drive.

More Dog Park information can be found on the City of Saskatoon website here.

2) Pet Licenses

The City of Saskatoon requires dog and cat owners to license their pets which can be done here online. Below is more information from the City of Saskatoon Pet License website:

Pet licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase and must be renewed annually. There is a base $250 fine for not licensing a dog or cat over 4 months old. Microchips are not licenses, however they can be tied to a valid pet license.

After you have purchased or renewed your pet license, please allow one business day for your valid license to show up in our system. 

Owners are encouraged to link their pets' microchip information to their pet license. This can be done when purchasing a pet license online or by contacting Customer Service at 306-975-2400


Reminder letters are sent one month prior to the a pet license expiring. For renewals, you will need the following information provided on your Pet License Renewal notice:

  • Person ID Number
  • License Tag Number

Purchase or renew your pet license online or in person at City Hall, the Saskatoon Animal Control Agency or the Saskatoon SPCA.