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Fuzzu Snack Bar Mice Tea Cat Toy

Fuzzu Snack Bar Mice Tea Cat Toy

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TASTY GIFT: A little something for everyone's playful palate. Our toys are the perfect nosh, even for the most persnickety critic. Cooked up with just the right balance of drool-inducing U.S. grown certified organic catnip and tail-twitching crunch.

KEEPS YOUR FELINE FRIEND ENTERTAINED: Anytime is eating time for your cat! Your kitty will relish swatting, squishing, and tossing these toys. Our secret ingredient… U.S. grown certified organic catnip!

TOP NOTCH DURABILITY: This cute catnip toy is made with durable poly-fabric, insuring long-lasting play value, even for the most frisky cats.

NON-TOXIC: Crafted from non-toxic printed fabric with felt accents, Fluffy’s Snack Bar organic catnip toys are safe for your feline friend. Stuffed with fiberfill and super-charged U.S. grown certified organic catnip, which releases an aromatic fragrance to entertain your cat for hours.

NON-STOP FUN: A winning combination: squeaky fresh and sweet ‘n’ fuzzy. From the first big slurp, our curiously-refreshing Mice Tea will have your kitty sippin’, flippin’, and bellying up for bottomless refills.