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Fuzzu Snack Bar Bag O Chippies Cat Toy

Fuzzu Snack Bar Bag O Chippies Cat Toy

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TASTY GIFT: A little something for everyone's playful palate. Our toys are the perfect nosh, even for the most persnickety critic. Cooked up with just the right balance of drool-inducing U.S. grown certified organic catnip and tail-twitching crunch, your cat will no doubt become a satisfied customer in short order.

KEEPS YOUR FELINE FRIEND ENTERTAINED: Anytime is eating time for your cat! Your kitty will relish swatting, squishing, and tossing these toys. Our secret ingredient… U.S. grown certified organic catnip!

TOP NOTCH DURABILITY: This cute catnip toy is made with durable poly fabric, ensuring long-lasting play value, even for the most frisky cats.

NON-TOXIC: Crafted from non-toxic printed fabric with felt accents, Fluffy’s Snack Bar organic catnip toys are safe for your feline friend. Stuffed with fiberfill and super-charged U.S. grown certified organic catnip, which releases an aromatic fragrance to entertain your cat for hours.

NON-STOP FUN: This little bag of munchie goodness packs a crunchy punch, and is just right for dippin’ n’ flippin. From the first bite, your kitty will be chomping chippies ‘til the doggies come home. May contain nuts (kidding), just U.S. grown certified organic catnip.