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Carnivora Llama Diet Raw Dog Food

Carnivora Llama Diet Raw Dog Food

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Carnivora Raw Pet Food is a quality Canadian Raw pet food that ensures that their pet food is from holistic management and feeding practices and is free from harmful additives, antibiotics or hormones.  

  • Carnivora Raw Pet Food has a quality assurance program that checks the consistency and quality of their products.
  • All Carnivora "Diets" consist of the following: 100% Meat, Organs and Bone (No Veggies) and is modeled after the whole prey diet.


Finely ground whole llama carcass.


Crude Protein min 15.45%

Moisture max 68.2%

Crude Fiber max 0.02%

Calcium min 0.65%

Crude Fat min 4.4%

Phosphorus min 0.47%