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Midwest Ombre Bed Mocha

Midwest Ombre Bed Mocha

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The New Quiet Time Deluxe Ombre pet bed is designed with your pet and your home in mind! The ultra soft polyester cover provides your pet with comfort for all seasons! Couple this comfortable cover with a tufted plush polyfiber cushion and you have the best of both worlds! Comfort, Style and Affordability all wrapped into one pet bed!


18 inch - Length 17 inches Width 11 inches

22 inch - Length 22 inches Width 13 inches

24 inch- Length 23 inches Width 18 inches

30 inch- Length 29 inches Width 21 inches

36 inch- Length 35 inches Width 23 inches

42 inch - Length 40 inches Width 27 inches

48 inch - Length 46 inches Width 29 inches